MUSA Martial Arts Reviews

  • Bills K. , MUSA Martial Arts Testimonials

    Master Lacey has been amazing and a wonderful influence on my little Conner. He has spent 20 years practicing martial arts and truly embodies what being a martial artist is all about. His love for the children is genuine and you will often find him completely involved in community events not just as a promotional opportunity... but as an opportunity to give back and serve. He and his wife are bright spots in the community and a joy to be around!

    I highly recommend Master Lacey and Musa Martial Arts in Sherwood. The value exceeds the commitment.

    Bills K.
  • Amanda A. , MUSA Martial Arts Testimonials

    Best place in town for a party! Master Lacey is amazing with the kids, and we cannot wait to sign up for classes! Thank you!! Ninja Training was a huge hit!

    Amanda A.
  • Nathan M. , MUSA Martial Arts Testimonials

    Musa has been not only a great experience and learning adventure for my two children - They have become more confident and skilled in martial arts...but it has also been a great thing for my fiancé and I.  We signed up for the Musafy challenge.  The HIIT classes with John and Shannon are awesome!  The team of adults in the mornings adds an extra level of motivation and support.  We are now a Musa family!

    Nathan M.
  • Liz Z. , MUSA Martial Arts Testimonials

    Master Lacey is hilarious! It's so fun to watch him teach and interact with the kids. My daughter is very shy and timid in class but when she comes home she does taekwondo all over the house and she loves to teach her little brother all the ninja moves she's learned. Highly recommend.

    Liz Z.
  • Maile B. , MUSA Martial Arts Testimonials

    MUSA Sherwood is amazing! Master Lacey is wonderful and my son is learning so much from him! Thank you for being accommodating and a great place to learn!

    Maile B.
  • Rich M. , MUSA Martial Arts Testimonials

    Master Lacey and Mister Chace are fabulous instructors, coaches, and inspirations for kids and adults alike. I love how everyone is given the chance to excel on their own and feels comfortable. The older kids/higher belts feel a sense of responsibility to share their knowledge with the newer martial artists. I have 2 kids that have been going for nearly 6 years and they've both gained confidence and life lessons that I couldn't have ever given as a parent. MUSA isn't about pushing kids through the program, it's about helping them grow as people. As the motto goes "Be nice to each other and work hard".

    Rich M.
  • Max D. , MUSA Martial Arts Testimonials

    Little known fact, Musa Fit (circuit training style classes) classes are offered several days a week. Great group of people and Shannon comes up with challenging workouts. My arms look better than they have in years!

    Max D.
  • Jessica H. , MUSA Martial Arts Testimonials

    We love Musa! Master Lacey is great with the kids. My son loves going. He has tried lots of extracurricular activities and hasn't wanted to stick with any of them, but Musa he is motivated to keep going.

    Jessica H.
  • Michelle T. , MUSA Martial Arts Testimonials

    We love MUSA! One of the best decisions we've made in signing our son up for Taekwondo. My son loves going and has gained so much confidence and learned many life skills; discipline, responsibility, respect..etc. The instructors are fantastic and great examples of everything they teach. My younger two cannot wait until they are old enough to join :)

    Michelle T.
  • Brittany H. , MUSA Martial Arts Testimonials

    My kids LOVE Musa Sherwood. Master Lacey is amazing with the kids and really focuses on self-control, focus, and having fun. I'm am grateful for them and their investment into my kids.

    Brittany H.
  • Anna H. , MUSA Martial Arts Testimonials

    Musa martial arts is such an amazing school! My oldest son just got his second-degree black belt, and my youngest is in the little warriors class. Master Lacey is great with the little kids and the big kids. He strives to make it fun, inviting and instructional. Musa is cultivating an amazing group of kids and adults. You won't regret joining the Musa family.

    Anna H.
  • Tina S. , MUSA Martial Arts Testimonials

    Master Lacey and his instructors are the best. My son loves going to taekwondo and has learned so much about focus and that character matters. Such a blessing!

    Tina S.
  • Christina P. , MUSA Martial Arts Testimonials

    Mr. Lacey is AMAZING! He really knows how to handle the kids in a positive and encouraging way. My son LOVES Musa! I could not think of a better place that encourages growth, fairness, responsibility, truthfulness, and respectability. My son is growing emotionally so much under Mr. Lacey!

    Christina P.
  • Sean C. , MUSA Martial Arts Testimonials

    MUSA is the best! We brought our youngest in for classes and now she cant get enough!

    Sean C.
  • Natasha H. , MUSA Martial Arts Testimonials

    Awesome studio with a positive and upbeat Master Encouraging training techniques. Highly recommend.

    Natasha H.
  • Svitlana M. , MUSA Martial Arts Testimonials

    Instructor very patient and fun. My kids love that school!

    Svitlana M.
  • Renae H . , MUSA Martial Arts Testimonials

    One of the best decisions I have made was to sign my 6-year-old son up for Taekwondo at Musa. Master Lacey is amazing with all the kids and really works to teach character traits, discipline, and focus in addition to the martial arts. The schedule is also packed with lots of class times making it easy to fit in to our schedule. I also like the pricing model here and all costs are straightforward.

    Renae H .
  • Rikkie S. , MUSA Martial Arts Testimonials

    We love MUSA! We saw Master Lacey at every Sherwood community event and probably broke about 25 boards before deciding to join! My only wish is that we would have started after the first board! It's been a great experience!!

    Rikkie S.

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