Kids Martial arts classes 

Our Kids Martial Arts Progam Can Help Your Children Master Taekwondo.

At MUSA Martial Arts, we are proud to offer comprehensive instruction for students of all ages. Our Kids Martial Arts program includes classes in the art of Taekwondo and features scalable training that can help every child thrive. Join us in Sherwood today and give your child an exciting way to build confidence, learn discipline and respect, and prepare for any challenge life might throw their way. Just fill out the short form on your screen to learn more or to get started today!

Why Is Our Kids Martial Arts Program Right For Your Child?

We know that no two students learn the same. That's why we offer a wide range of instruction - helping everyone from the very beginners to accomplished martial artists find success.

Our Kids Martial Arts Classes start at $90 a month and include:

Little Warriors

  • Ages 3-5
  • This class is built on the basics of Taekwondo, helping young students learn how to follow directions and focus on one thing at a time. Our Little Warriors training is held in a safe and supervised environment where everyone can have fun!

Youth Taekwondo

  • Ages 6+
  • Our Youth Taekwondo training takes your child through an exciting progression of belts and challenges. We help students build physical tools like balance and coordination, while also instilling in them the character skills of discipline and respect.

Homeschool Class

Treat your child to some fun exercise and incredible Taekwondo training during the Homeschool day! This program is great for all experience levels and can help your child build confidence in no time!

Family Taekwondo

Train together and surround your child with positive role models in our Family Taekwondo training. It's a new family activity that is great for all ages!

In All Of Our Kids Martial Arts Classes, We're Setting Students Up For Long-Lasting Success

At MUSA Martial Arts, we want every child to have a blast training with us. But our Kids Martial Arts program offers so much more than just the kicks and punches that most students crave. We have dedicated ourselves to instilling the traditional values of Taekwondo while also offering a modern-day take on the discipline and its teachings. Our program gives every student the chance to succeed and carry with them the values we teach into all aspects of life.

  • Join us in Sherwood for:
  • Increased focus and attention to detail
  • Boosted self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment
  • Incredible leadership and teamwork skills
  • Lifelong habits of physical activity

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Don't miss out on our incredible Martial Arts training in Sherwood. We're helping students all across our community thrive with dedicated coaching and a commitment to safety. Join us at MUSA Martial Arts and see it for yourself!

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