Traditional Skills, Modern Instruction

MUSA is a martial arts studio in Sherwood, Oregon, that teaches the arts of Taekwondo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as separate disciplines that complement one another. We are dedicated to providing a warm, supportive learning environment to students of all ages and expertise. MUSA is committed to inspiring others through meaningful instruction. Our instructors are knowledgeable, personable, and passionate about teaching. Each instructor has been refining their art for many years and all look forward to sharing their love of martial arts with you.


Master Lacey

John Lacey began his Taekwondo career with Master Jung Soo Lee at the age of fifteen. Under the guidance of Master Lee, John trained in Hapkido and Taekwondo over the next eight years. When the school was sold in 2006, John continued his training and teaching with Master Kim of World Champion Taekwondo for the following several years. In 2011, John was presented with the opportunity to open up his own school. MUSA is the result of John’s lifelong dream and the support of some very special people.


Tommy Leisman

Tommy Leisman is our head coach for adults and kids Jiu Jitsu. He also runs our kickboxing program. Tommy has been training and competing in Jiu Jitsu, Kick Boxing and MMA for the last 10 years. Tommy has been coaching kids and adults in Jiu Jitsu and striking for the past 6 years. He enjoys working hard with his students, but is always sure to have some fun in his classes.


Chace Butterworth

Our resident stunt man Chace began his Taekwondo training at the age of ten under Master George. As a green belt, he relocated to Sherwood and trained with many instructors before earning his 1st Degree Black Belt under the instruction of Mr. Lacey in 2009. When MUSA opened its doors in 2011, Chace began teaching Taekwondo classes. He recently achieved his 2nd Degree Black Belt in November of 2012. “Love what MUSA has taught me about both Taekwondo and teaching.” – Chace Chace, we love your enthusiasm for Taekwondo and your connection with the kids you teach.


Ned Sands

Ned took up Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in April 2006 when Impact JJ was still Straight Blast Gym, and when Armand Debruge was still a purple belt. He’s always had dual interests: he continues to coach and referee competitive fencing as he has done for the past 17 years, and was the US Olympic Committee selection to instruct fencing at the PanAmerican fencing coaches symposium. But in the last 3 years fencing has taken a backseat to his tremendous enthusiasm for Jiu Jitsu. He can be found at the gym on some days before dawn, then again at lunch, and again in the evening for class.


Steve Klier

Steve Klier began practicing Taekwondo five years ago and currently holds a 2nd Degree Black Belt. Since retiring from his career of 29 years, Steve has found joy in helping the younger ones with their Taekwondo skills. He believes “exercise to be the fountain of youth”, but the rest of us believe the real key behind his spunk may lie with the loving marriage shared with his wife of 46 years.


Mike Currier

Mike Currier is an assistant coach for the adult and kids Jiu Jitsu programs and the TKD Demo team. Mike came to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from a diverse athletic background, competing in both gymnastics and wrestling from a young age. Mike went 38-0 as a wrestler, and he competed at the elite level for 7 years as a nationally ranked all-around gymnast and multiple time state and regional champion. Mike has been coaching gymnastics since age 15 and has coached at Woodward Camp and Penn State, as well as a number of small academies. Mike typically spends as many as 5 hours a day training BJJ, and he enjoys teaching both kids and adults how to bring more body awareness, mobility, and flexibility to their Jiu Jitsu.