Traditional Skills, Modern Instruction

MUSA is a martial arts studio in Sherwood, Oregon, that teaches the arts of Taekwondo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as separate disciplines that complement one another. We are dedicated to providing a warm, supportive learning environment to students of all ages and expertise. MUSA is committed to inspiring others through meaningful instruction. Our instructors are knowledgeable, personable, and passionate about teaching. Each instructor has been refining their art for many years and all look forward to sharing their love of martial arts with you.


16410 SW Langer Drive
Sherwood, OR 97140


Next to Safari Sam’s and MudPuddles!

Our Values

Honesty, transparency, and dependability form the foundation for all of our interactions.

We will provide a safe, clean environment for students and staff. Staff expertise will be maintained through ongoing education. The highest priority is ensuring that teaching methods are safe, effective and efficient.
We believe that open communication is essential to providing quality customer service. Approachability and availability are vital to maintaining positive relationships.
It is our duty to use our knowledge and experience to benefit our community. Through service we remain conscious of and connected to those around us.
A warm environment allows for personal growth and risk-taking. We have a responsibility to adapt teaching to the individual needs of each student while developing goals that will promote self-confidence.







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Located in Sherwood, Oregon