Taekwondo | 태권도

Taekwondo | 태권도

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art that includes physical, mental and spiritual components. With an emphasis on kicking and foot techniques, Taekwondo is dynamically active in its movement patterns. Hand techniques, including blocks and strikes, are also utilized and make Taekwondo an ideal martial art for self-defense.

Poomsae (form patterns) connect the mind with the body by challenging coordination and mental agility through a series of movements that increase in difficulty as the student progresses. Each Poomsae is linked to nature and is representative of placement within the martial arts journey.

Board breaking is an opportunity for the student to overcome obstacles and recognize inner strength. Breaking is done with foot and hand techniques that gradually increase in complexity as the student grows in confidence.

In the year 2000, Taekwondo was officially introduced as an Olympic sport. Olympic style sparring allows the student to test skills that were learned in class against a partner within a controlled environment. Full protective gear is worn at all times to ensure safety during sparring.

Taekwondo uses a code of conduct known as the Five Tenants of Success to serve as guide for all Taekwondo athletes. During training the tenants are emphasized and practiced regularly to ensure the greatest success in life. These tenants are: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, and Indomitable Spirit.

Our Classes

Little Warriors: This class is tailored to children ages 3-5 years. The focus is basic Taekwondo curriculum that prepares them for youth class. Students achieve gains in the areas of following directions and focus. This translates to the classroom as they begin early elementary classes.

Youth Class: Students begin this youth only class at the age of six. The focus areas for this age group are self-discipline, teamwork, and confidence. All components of Taekwondo are taught beginning with this age group.

Adult & Family: “The family that kicks together sticks together.” Mr. Lacey One of our more popular classes, the adult and family class allows for parents to learn alongside their children. This class runs at a higher intensity than the youth class.

Sparring Class: Sparring techniques are taught within a controlled environment and using WTF Olympic style rules. Full protective gear is worn during this contact sparring class. This class is open to high-orange and higher belts for children ages 6+. Adults at all belt levels are welcome to join.

Weapons Class: Weapon training using Bo Staff, Escrima, and Nunchucks is open to students of all belt levels that have demonstrated focus and self-discipline.

Poomsae/Self Defense: This is a twenty minute focus class meant to provide additional instruction and strengthen skills specific to the poomsae forms and self defense techniques.

Black Belt Class: This class is restricted to Black Belts and to those testing for their black belt. The focus is on refinement of skills and the introduction of new curriculum to prepare the student for their next Dan.

Homeschool Class: All components of Taekwondo are covered within this class. The class is held at earlier times to accommodate homeschoolers schedules.

Open Class: This time is set aside for the student to come in and focus on refinement of skills. There is no formal structure to open class since it is led by the student’s individual needs. Many students like to use this time for extra practice prior to their testing dates. An instructor will be available at all times for assistance.